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LMCCA Vision Statement & Code of Ethics

LMCCA Vision Statement
(See Definition of Low Moisture in FAQ)

We will act to unite all Low Moisture Systems under one “umbrella” in order to ensure uniformity and consistency in the following area:
1.  Cleaning Standards
2.  Client Relations

3.  Business Ethics
4.  Education

5.  Technical Support
6.  Research and Development

7.  Interaction between the IICRC, Carpet Mills, Industry Publications, and other organizations.

LMCCA Code of Ethics


We want consumers to know that all LMCCA members are obliged to follow this code of ethics.


We are committed to our obligation of providing the absolute best possible service to all our clients.


We pledge steadfastly to avoid any false or misleading representation of our products or services.


We value our place in the community and recognize our responsibilities as local business professionals.


We support the aims and objectives of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner’s Association and participate in efforts toward advancement of our Industry through the LMCCA’s programs and services.


We, the members of the LMCCA are proud of our chosen profession and of the professionalism we display in the cleaning and restoration work we perform.



Provide our clients with unparalleled cleaning and restoration services by:


1.  Organizing all LM methods into an Association.
2.  Setting LM cleaning standards above the IICRC Standards.
3.  Encouraging members to make all out efforts to make customers cheerleaders.
4.  Fostering positive business ethics by members.
5.  Developing training and technical support systems.
6.  Providing our Industry Partners a real world atmosphere for testing of equipment and chemicals.
7.  Supply findings to Industry Partners on possible improvements and or faults in equipment and chemicals.
8.  Helping in breaking down the walls by IICRC involvement.

9.  Pursuing involvement in publications to help promote LM and LMCCA.
10. Providing Website and links to promote positive LM information.



What is Low Moisture Cleaning?


Low Moisture Cleaning is methods or procedures that allow any fibers to dry to its natural state in less than 2 hours. For a more detailed paper see our White Paper Defining this Term in the Document Manager Area.


Why Join?


Increase Education with Carpet Cleaning Customers:

As a Group, we can influence the education and awareness of low moisture cleaning and ultimately generate new customer demand.


Increase Awareness with Carpet Mills and other Associations:

The LMCCA works with numerous groups to inform and promote Low Moisture information and education.


Nationwide Search for a Cleaner Database search engine.


Discounts on IICRC Classes through various LMCCA Industry Partners.


$100.00 Discount Per Full Paid Registrant on Attendance to the 2 Connections Events:


Las Vegas-Fall


Joint WFCA -LMCCA membership gives you access to WFCA benefits including $500.00 worth of Educational Money that can be used at Connections or IICRC Classes! Ask about the details!


And more cool industry items!

Click here for more information about membership!

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